Pigmentation is one of the most common skin problem in Indians. It is a disorder of melanocytes where they start producing excess melanin – a substance which provides colour to skin Pigmentation can be due to sun exposure, hormonal changes, hereditary or certain medications. Sometimes pigmentation may be so severe that people find it difficult

We are as young as our skin looks. The décolletage is often ignored during our younger years and suffers sun and environmental damage. This leads to pigmentation, increased vascularity, redness and fine wrinkles. Due to a combination of aging factors, a well defined treatment plan is recommended to make the décolletage looking younger. The Medlite,


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Fraxel laser is the best friend which can hide a few a few secrets from your past. Acne scars left over from the growing up years, need not follow you around for ever. Unsightly stretch marks-need not be an unwanted reminder of the tell- tale signs of a see saw of weight gain and weight

Hot sun, humidity, sweat and grime play havoc with your skin during the warm months. Here’s how you can beat the summer heat. An overdose of UV rays, humidity, and dust during the summer months can have such a negative impact on your skin. It gets sticky, and complexion looks patchy; pores open up, and

Our Laser Facials

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Experience a combination of the world’s finest Laser facial done with the medlite C6 and photofacial done with the Laser genesis Cutera Vantage. Combination of these two treatments at defined intervals keeps your skin texture smooth. Not only are they safe but they are also very effective . The two treatments have a synergistic effect

Stressful lifestyle, pollutants in the environment can to your natural aging process, making you look older than what you really are. While fine lines, sallow skin, patchy complexion all are tell-tale signs of aging, there is another aspect of this that most of us tend to ignore or not notice. That is the drooping or

Skincare during changing season

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As the climate gets cooler, the crisp mornings and the slight nip in the air does feel refreshing, but it also leads to dull skin, dryness, chapped lips, hands and feet. Despite the perception, it is not January or February that are the worst months. By that time our skin actually gets adjusted to the

Single session Non-Surgical Contouring over the full face US FDA Approved. Safe & effective with proven results Treats double chin, sagging skin, square jaw, turkey neck Long lasting results and slows down further ageing No needles, cuts, pain, medicine, anesthesia or downtime Results visible immediately, keep improving for 6 months Best ever technology in ten

Skin pigmentation, tanning is a major concern today for most of us, since we expose our skin to the harmful UV rays, and are often careless about sun protection. Added to this are daily lifestyle stress, and hormonal fluctuations and the end result is patchy, uneven skin with brown or dark spots. With such advancement

What is so special about the Cutera CoolGlide? The Cutera CoolGlide combines the ideal laser wavelength with the most flexible parameters to treat a broad range of vessels from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins safely yet effectively, in patients of all skin tones. How does CoolGlide Vein Therapy work? The Cutera CoolGlide