Chemical Peels Treatment

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Chemical Peels Treatment

Duration: 30 minutes onwards depending on area to be treated

CHEMICAL PEELS Chemical peels are the most simple and effective methods of skin rejuvenation and yet this “old is gold” tried and tested procedure has managed to hold its own in a rapidly developing aesthetic background. Peels can be classified as superficial, medium and deep based on the depth of penetration (in the skin) of the peeling agent and this determines the type of peel to be used for a specific indication. They are used to improve a host of aesthetic concerns like pigmentation, fine lines, Acne, mild to moderate sun damage and find acceptability due to their low cost, quick procedure time and very low downtime. Peels have evolved by leaps and bounds and we offer a wide range of peels targeting almost every skin concern- specialized amongst them being the Spanish masks Cosmelan and Dermamelan which are the treatments of choice in cases of hormonal pigmentation.

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