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Botox Treatment

Duration: 30 mins

BOTOX The commonest, most popular cosmetic procedure performed across the globe has been spoken and written about endlessly- but no one can deny that when you say Botox, you think anti-ageing and youthfulness in the same breath. Tiny painless injections of a purified protein derivative of botulinum toxin given in under 30 minutes magically erases the frown lines, crow’s feet and all the tell-tale little lines on the face, to reveal a creaseless, stress-free and relaxed appearance. With Minimal downtime and discomfort, it is extremely safe when done by trained medical professionals and the effects last for 5 to 6 months.

botox treatment
botox treatment
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botox treatment


Botulinum toxin is a purified protein, known to most as Botox(The oldest and best-known USFDA approved brand from Allergan, USA). Lines and wrinkles especially around the eyes and frown lines on the forehead can be treated with the injection of a few drops of Botox.

Only a few drops of Botox injection are adequate to relax the targeted muscles, thus eliminating lines for 4-6 months. Botox Injections are quick and comfortable, taking about ten minutes and done with fine needles that feel like an ant bite. Crinkled chins and noses or facial reshaping by treatment of prominent jaw muscles can get a softer, wrinkle free, chiselled look with the use of Botox.


Botox can also effectively treat the appearance of prominent neck bands often seen in young fit women, but gives them a haggard gaunt aged look. Botox injection treatment in Delhi is also a terrific solution for the appearance of ‘turkey neck’, which progressively worsens with age, in both men and women. The dreaded turkey neck occurs due to a combination of loose thin, sagging or crêpe-like skin and prominent neck bands. Injection of small amounts of Botox into the neck region can erase these bands, instantly giving a neck lift for a youthful look.


Sweating is a natural and necessary bodily function. However excessive heavy sweating (called Hyperhidrosis) over the under arm region, hands and feet is a common embarrassing concern in men and women of all age groups. A small fraction of patients suffering from hyperhidrosis may have an underlying medical cause (such as hyperthyroidism, menopause, heart disease or anxiety disorders) which requires evaluation and treatment. However, most people who sweat heavily are healthy individuals with no underlying medical cause (Primary Hyperhidrosis). Such sweating is excessive, occurring unpredictably, in the absence of triggers and even in cold weather or at rest. The fear of unsightly sweat stains on one’s clothes and commonly associated body odour can lower an individual’s confidence in social situations.

Botox injection used in extremely small doses treats hyperhidrosis by blockage of the nerve pathway that leads to sweating in the skin. The Starch-Iodine Test helps to demarcate areas of excess sweating. In this method, the doctor paints the armpits with iodine solution and sprinkles starch powder, which turns the target areas a deep blue. Botox is then injected into clean skin, which takes 15-30 minutes and feels like an ant bite. Botox injections treatment are US FDA approved, safe, comfortable and extremely effective, with results lasting up to 6 months.

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