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Weight Loss Treatment

AAYNA brings you a Unique and Holistic Weight management Program. Our weight loss program is a combination of latest FDA approved treatments for body contouring, tightening and reshaping with a completely personalized and customized diet programs.



Unique Features of Our Weight Loss Clinic in Delhi, Gurgaon:

  • We offer holistic weight management program which includes healing therapies like chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, reiki etc along with dietary modifications and body contouring treatments. Weight gain/loss is closely associated with emotional health. Our holistic therapies helps you gain internal balance thereby changing your eating pattern and food cravings
  • Our diets are based on your lifestyle, your specific Nutritional needs and Medical problems.
  • We provide nutritionally balanced diets with variety and combinations in foods.
  • Our diets will be very easy to follow and you will get customized and easy recipes for meal planning.
  • With Strong and Regular follow ups, our team will provide you constant support and motivation which will keep you going and help you to achieve your weight loss goals.
  • Our diets will provide you complete satiety and there is No Starvation.
  • Our scientific Dietary program will provide you therapeutic benefits like improved cholesterol levels, improved glucose levels and along with these benefits you will get a better skin, hair with better energy levels.
  • Our program aims at bringing Lifestyle modification with long term successful weight management.
  • Finest FDA approved body contouring and reshaping machines with guaranteed results.
  • Anti cellulite program which includes non invasive, FDA approved treatments.
  • Aayna provides targeted weight loss programs for all conditions and age groups. We offer special programs for celebrities, children and teens, PCOD and hormonal imbalances, Diabetes, Thyroid, high cholesterol and other medical issues as well.
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Our Weight Loss Plan

Our team of experts take you through a 4 steps process to support you lose weight and keep it off.

Step 1 – Consultation Phase:

In this step expert will take detailed profiling where in you have to share every details of your eating pattern like your food likings, disliking, fasting days and specific eating outs in a week etc. You also have to undergo some basic blood tests as suggested by doctors (like hormonal profile, lipid, thyroid, LFT, KFT, insulin) to rule out the reasons of weight gain and any derangements. Once tests will be done based on the blood derangements your diets will be planned.

  • Need complete medical and nutritional record.
  • Need all blood check- ups report.
  • All reports will be examine by our expert team.

Step 2 – Expedite Phase:

In this phase based on your preferences and medical issues expert will design a suitable nutritional plan ,there will be constant monitoring of your weight as after every three days your diet plans will get change depending upon your weight loss progress.

  • According to your medical reports our experts will give you plan for customized diet, which will help you to reduce your weight fast.
  • Your daily program will based on your lifestyle and eating preferences.
  • Out expert nutritionists will monitor your program regularly.
  • Online support is also availabe for you.
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Step 3 – Boost Phase:

After weight loss the next important step is the weight maintenance. Our expert will guide you through out the program about your body type and food compatibility and once the weight loss is over they will prepare a suitable maintenance diet program for you so that you can maintain your weight in long run.

  • This is an upkeep stage for long haul maintainable weight administration.
  • Lifestyle will be changed according to need.
  • Change your personal lifestyle with better and healthy way.

Step 4 – Support Phase:

During the program and even after the program you will get the constant support and motivation from our nutritionist .Most of the time weight issues is also related with some emotional stress and in these cases apart from doing dietary modification, strong counseling and motivation is also required.

  • This will be on-going help program.
  • Through our nutritionists, you will get help in maintaining the weight by suggested lifestyle.
  • We will give you both medical and psychological support

Our Weight Loss Programs…Specific to your Needs!

Nutritional requirements varies as per the different stages of life and medical issues associated which is why at AAYNA we provide a customized diet plans catering to your needs specifically. AAYNA is one of the leading weight loss centers/clinics in Delhi, Gurgaon and Ludhiana. We trains you in such a way that you can maintain your weight management through out life on your own.

AAYNA has targeted weight loss programs for all conditions and age groups.

  • Children and Teens: Nutrition is highly important for children’s and teens as they are in the growing phase of the life hence their diets needs to be nutritionally well balanced and should be planned carefully.
  • PCOD and Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalances lead to sudden weight gain and many other symptomatic problems like: water retention, bloated feeling, acidity etc. Dietary modifications have to done very scientifically based on hormonal levels and these tests needs to be repeated after few months.
  • Special Celebrity Programs: Looking at their hectic schedule we have a special programs for them wherein we offer them appointments before or after clinic timings, they don’t have to wait for their appointments and for every client we maintain confidentiality.
  • Above 60: Elderly diets needs to be planned in different manner as usually with increasing age there are some medical issues associated and because of that their food preferences are little different.

Weight Gain Related To

  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • High Cholesterol / Lipids
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