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Anti Aging Treatment

As we age, it is our skin that reflects the most visible changes. These changes are brought about by internal as well as external causes.

TEXTURAL CHANGES Aging causes us to lose collagen which leads to the loss of elasticity of the skin making it thin. It also becomes less capable of holding moisture there by becoming dry. Both these changes leads to the appearance of prominent facial creases and large pores.

CHANGES DUE TO LOSS OF FAT OR VOLUME LOSS The subcutaneous fat or the fat layer immediately below the skin is significantly reduced leading to the skin sagging or hanging down in folds. There is hollowing around the eyes and the cheeks look flatter. Neck folds become severe and hands take on a bony look.

PIGMENTARY CHANGES The size of some of the melanocytes increases and this increased amount of pigment becomes more visible from underneath the thinning skin and show up as age spots and sun spots.

External factors like sun exposure, repeated and excessive facial expressions, sleeping positions, the effect of gravity on facial features and smoking have their own share in contributing to the ageing signs.

Anti aging treatment is the new buzzword and the reason it is becoming extremely popular is that new medical technologies show real results. Also aging baby boomers, who make up a large percent of the population want to look younger but are bypassing the older technologies of plastic surgery in favor of newer, non-invasive techniques that give more natural results.

Dr Simal Soin at Ambawatta One has revolutionized cosmetic dermatology treatments in India by offering the finest for anti aging, rejuvenation and skin concerns. It has a very competent team of cosmetic dermatologists led by Dr Simal Soin who is the medical director and is well known in the field both nationally and internationally. She regularly presents their work at international conferences and travels extensively researching equipment and procedures around the world to ensure AAYNA Ambawatta One provides unparalleled combinations of the best anti aging solutions available anywhere. She has trained and worked in the U.K for 6 years at two of the world’s most premier Dermatology centres. Under her leadership and support of a fine team the centre has now gained international repute.

AAYNA Ambawatta One offers customized anti aging solutions in an unhurried and tranquil environment. These treatments now have globally proven efficacy in helping people to look their best by non-invasive and non-surgical means. THERMAGE is currently the most popular & the best anti aging treatment in Delhi for a non surgical facelift and no other treatment can match it in terms of the research base and new innovations. It is the baseline of all anti aging treatments and unique in terms of the fact that it builds up healthier collagen in a single session treatment, with results lasting upto 2 years. Also on offer is the FRAXEL which is a revolutionary anti aging treatment for not only wrinkles and rejuvenation but for acne scars, stretch marks, sunspots, pigmentation and surgical scars. The results with it are long lasting and hence they have an extremely satisfied group of patients worldwide. The other solutions available for anti aging are BOTOX which is a purified protein which consists of tiny injections to relax dynamic lines and makes people look years younger. Apart from forehead lines and crows feet it also treats square shaped jawlines to make them look contoured. FILLERS are volume restorers which are useful for laugh lines, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, drooping corners of the mouth. All these together along with our chirally correct peels, microdermabrasion, transderm and mesotherapy complete the gamut of anti aging treatments and rejuvenation treatments

Thermage treatment is also a wonderful tool for tightening loose skin on areas such as stomach post pregnancy, upper arms, thighs and buttocks, thereby delivering body contouring, all in a single session. Body contouring treatments such as infrared, diode laser and mesotherapy are also available as add ons or stand alone.
AAYNA, Ambawatta One combines world class ayurveda, colon hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and weight loss treatments along with the above to deliver the best results with a combination of modern medicine and holistic medicine. Everything that makes you look and feel good is under one roof.

Who Administers Fraxel Laser Procedures?
Fraxel laser procedures are carried out at a dermatologist’s clinic. This state-of-the-art clinic ties up a skin specialist with a spa setting. Make certain that the specialist performing the procedure is qualified and medically approved.

Looking for Fraxel Laser treatment in Delhi, India, we are happy to inform you that you’ve come to the right place! Inquire now to receive more details about Fraxel Treatment.

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