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Exilis Elite Treatment
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Exilis Elite Treatment

Duration: 40 Minutes to 90 Minutes depending on area to be treated

EXILIS ELITE Utilizing the same Monopolar radiofrequency technology as Thermage, exilis elite treatments require more than one session but are more comfortable and affordable. A built in infra-red thermometer indicating a reliable objective reading of the skin temperature, as compared to a subjective patient feedback helps to accurately assess and monitor the treatment for best results. Exiles besides having the skin tightening function also has a fat reducing function but the two functions are separate enabling the treatment of sagging skin on the face without any undesirable fat or volume loss. While treating the abdominal fat, thighs or other local fatty deposits both the modes of fat reduction and skin tightening can be combined for more effective body contouring. We treat face, neck, eyes, hands, arms, back rolls both upper and lower, abdomen, thighs, calves and sagging breasts.

What is Exilis Treatment?

Exilis treatment is a state-of-the-art technique that uses radio frequency energy to tighten skin and reduce fat. “With Exilis we now have treatment options that we didn’t have before for some difficult areas,”

  • A revolutionary new platform for body shaping, skin tightening and facial rejuvenation.
  • Scientifically proven and tested.
  • The only device combining Monopolar Focused RF, ultrasound and Advanced Cooling in a single handpiece.
  • A single system for both the face and the body.
  • Non Surgical, Non Invasive with zero Downtime.
  • No Anesthesia, No Pain.
  • Lunch time Procedure – very fast.
  • The most popular treatment with dermatologists and plastic surgeons in North America, Europe and the Far East.
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