Thermage Treatment

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Thermage Treatment

Duration: 90 Minutes

THERMAGE ushered in the era of using Monopolar radiofrequency to treat loose skin and wrinkles more than a decade ago and is still the gold standard in the field of non- invasive skin tightening by stimulating the formation of new collagen (elastic fibres) under the skin leading to tighter, smoother, firmer and more youthful looking and feeling skin. The practical combination of a single session treatment able to treat all skin types with zero downtime and deliver very natural result is the reason this procedure is popular amongst busy professionals and celebrities alike in their quest for a non- surgical, fuss-free anti-ageing solution. In keeping up with the rapid progress in the field, AAYNA uses the third generation THERMAGE CPT (comfort pulse technology) with the TOTAL TIP giving results which are superior, last longer and are visible immediately post treatment. We are proud to have performed more than a thousand thermages, which is the largest number in a single clinic in the sub-continent.

Thermage Treatment
Thermage Treatment

Launching for the first time in India: THERMAGE TOTAL TIP 3.0

Thermage is the gold standard skin tightening and contouring technology in the world today. It is backed by the seal of US FDA approval , ten years of clinical experience, a large volume of research and an ever growing number of doctors and satisfied patients across the world. Since 2002, more than one million Thermage procedures have been safely performed in over 80 countries.

Thermage is a non-surgical face lift with long lasting results in just a single session and no recovery time . We brought you the Thermage skin tightening technology for the first time in India five years ago. Since then, we have treated over 1000 patients with Thermage face and body, the largest number in India . In our continued endeavour to give you only the latest and finest cosmetic treatments, we have progressively upgraded our platforms and technology.

Thermage Treatment

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“Dr. Simal Soin, helps you to get back youthful skin with Thermage”

Dr. Simal Soin now brings you the latest and best so far upgrade for Thermage technology with the Thermage Total Tip 3.0 This new tip for Face, Neck and Body treatments offers the best ever treatment results in the glowing history of Thermage, with changes that are visible sooner and last even longer .

Thermage Treatment

The Thermage technology (by Solta Medical, California, USA) celebrates ten years this year, which stand testimony to terrific results and happy patients. The Thermage Total Tip 3.0 , launched a few weeks ago, further improves on Thermage treatments The new tip packs twice the punch as the last upgrade for face and neck, by allowing deeper heating and higher temperatures , based on the principle of bulk volumetric heating . Thus, Thermage Total 3.0 gives better and more consistent results, from day one.

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