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Semi permanent make up or micro pigmentation is a paramedical or aesthetic procedure to enhance reshape , modify or even camouflage facial features like scanty or asymmetrical eye brows, darkly pigmented and unshapely lips or even tired and sunken looking eyes by using state of the art technology and technique. It is vastly becoming popular as a safe and natural alternative to the time consuming and expensive routine of daily make up application. A higher and much evolved branch of cosmetic tattooing, micro pigmentation at Aayna is done in affiliation with the famed Golden eye International. The results are perfectly arched eyebrows, well defined eyes and softly curved and colored lips that look like you were born with them.
Our paramedical use of this technology is in camouflaging vitiligo, scalp micro pigmentation for Alopecia Areata and Alopecia Totalis, scar camouflage and reconstitution of areola following mastectomy procedures.
Micro pigmentation in its present form is a new medically developed technique designed to give the most natural looking results .It is the safest treatment option to people who want to enhance or modify their facial features.

At Aayna, we take aesthetics very seriously. Safety profile of our treatments and the aesthetic outcome is of utmost importance. Our semi permanent make up treatments use highly stable and extremely safe hydrocarbon based, medical grade pigments available in a wide range of colors to suit every skin type and individual preference. A digital machine is used for greater accuracy and finesse with a choice of specialized applicators for different indications. The applicators are designed for superior hygiene and perfect results. The treatments are done by exclusively trained medical and paramedical personnel. The outcome is so perfectly natural that it is difficult for anyone to make out the difference.

Difference between Tattooing & Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation differs from cosmetic tattooing that has already been around for several years now. Tattoos used the blue green pigment with often disastrous results as the tattoo colors had a tendency to fade out unevenly as well as diffuse into the surrounding skin. Tattoos can be highly unstable and thus can look very unsightly in a short period of time. Also the technique sometimes leaves permanent scars on the skin below the pigment and the method leaves no option for future correction. Eyebrow tattooing was done like any other tattoo giving a very solid shape and unnaturally dark appearance.

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