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Rosacea Treatment Delhi
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Rosacea Treatment Delhi

Rosacea is a skin condition causing diffuse redness on the face. Small acne may be present alongside sometimes. It is mainly seen in the fair skinned people and is much more common in women. The condition is characterized by

  • Redness on the cheeks, nose and forehead
  • Prominent telangiectasia
  • Small papules or pustules

Rosacea may be triggered by physical changes such as exercise, heat, sweating, sun exposure, stress, spicy food, alcohol, hot beverages and changes in weather. Apart from redness or flushing, the eyes are also frequently irritated causing redness, burning sensation and watering. The symptoms come and go with periodic bouts of flushing in between relatively calm skin. The diagnosis is based on clinical signs and rosacea though not cured can be controlled.

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