Double CHIN Treatment

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Double CHIN Treatment

The appearance of a double chin is created by a layer of subcutaneous fat around the jawline making a person look as having two chins. The commonest cause is due to being overweight, however double chin can also be seen in many thin people. Double chin also becomes prominent along with jowling of the cheeks as the signs of aging start showing on the face. The loss of elasticity of the skin makes it hang in folds or layers. Some people have a genetic double chin – the facial feature being passed down from parent to children.

There is however one thing common with double chins – Nobody likes them as it makes the face look too rounded and chubby. Good facial features depend a lot on the angle and the curve of the jawline and a double chin takes away this definition. A sharp well contoured jawline is amongst the first of the most desirable features when looking at facial aesthetics and getting rid of double chin is a common concern among men and women.

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