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Skincare during changing season

As the climate gets cooler, the crisp mornings and the slight nip in the air does feel refreshing, but it also leads to dull skin, dryness, chapped lips, hands and feet. Despite the perception, it is not January or February that are the worst months. By that time our skin actually gets adjusted to the temperature. It is at the onset of the season that our skin begins to get affected, when we move from humid autumn air to chillier winds in November. This is the time when humidity drops and our skin gets tighter and drier. The dry climate saps all the moisture out of your skin. Also, the combination of dry winter wind and comparatively warm air inside soak up water and natural oils from your skin’s top layer.

So how do you manage to have glowing skin even through this? First of all check your skin closely, if you see patches of dry skin on your face, then you need to change your products to suit the weather and skin condition. The first thing to do is to switch to cream or oil based cleansers. Yes it is even a good idea for girls with oily or combination skin to opt for soap-free creamy face washes. In fact baby oil works great as a moisturizing make-up remover. Skip the toner during these drier months. If you must, then make your own toner with rosewater to wipe away cleanser residue.

Even if your skin feels normal in texture and feel, do not skip the moisturiser. During the day it’s a good idea to wear a multi-purpose moisturiser that softens your skin while providing sun protection – grey days does not mean no UV rays. At night replenish your skin’s lost moisture with a thick night cream after cleansing your face to rid of dirt and dry flakes. If you do not like the heavy texture, then apply a thick layer of the cream at least half an hour before you plan to sleep. Keep it on like a mask, and wipe off with a damp towel after about 20 minutes. Your skin will be supple and hydrated.

If you suffer from excessive dryness during the cooler months, then avoid using a face wash in the mornings, just splash your face with warm water and use a soft towel or a muslin handkerchief to gently rub your face in a circular motion. If your skin has too many dry patches or is flaking then use a gentle exfoliator with creamy texture once a week.

Sometimes it becomes tough to deal with the change in skin texture, and the dryness can refuse to go despite your best efforts. So you need to check with a dermatologist who can give you the right set of medical grade skin care solutions. You can also opt for medical facials that use medical products meant for treating specific skin conditions, or Hydrafacial which ensures that the complexion-dulling layer of dead skin cells are removed and fresh skin is revealed. You can also opt for pumpkin facial which is rich in vitamin A (beta carotene) which regulates the cell turnover, improve hydration levels and restores lost glow.

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