Treatments to rejuvenate your décolletage at AAYNA

We are as young as our skin looks. The décolletage is often ignored during our younger years and suffers sun and environmental damage. This leads to pigmentation, increased vascularity, redness and fine wrinkles.

Due to a combination of aging factors, a well defined treatment plan is recommended to make the décolletage looking younger.

The Medlite, which is a Q-switched Nd:yag laser, works well with pigmentation, especially for the freckles and the sun spots. Over a few sessions there is definite decrease in pigmentation and the skin is well toned.

The fraxel laser works best for resurfacing the skin and doing away with the wrinkles and fine lines making the décolletage looking smoother.

Laser genensis helps collagen remodeling and helps tighten the skin over the décolletage and leaves the skin looking tighter, firmer and well hydrated.

The Exilis which works on the mono polar radiofrequency technology is perfect for contouring, does away with fine wrinkles, improves hydration and helps in collagen remodeling. Making the décolletage looking supple and younger.

Anti ageing creams and creams rich in retinol in combination with the above treatments will help give dramatic results for your décolletage.

A visit to the dermatologist will help you plan, a unique treatment plan which will help you look younger than before.

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