Fraxel laser is the best friend which can hide a few a few secrets from your past.
Acne scars left over from the growing up years, need not follow you around for ever. Unsightly stretch marks-need not be an unwanted reminder of the tell- tale signs of a see saw of weight gain and weight loss .
Fraxel :Restore has for the last many years been the gold standard in fractional resurfacing treating a host of skin concerns like open pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone and the most vexing acne scars and stretch marks that literally seem to mark you for life.

Fraxel is the rare combination of being gentle enough to treat all skin types with maximum safety margins as well as being tough enough to treat the difficult scars.
Each session of a Fraxel laser treatment lays down focussed columns of laser light deep into the skin tissues to cause microscopic injury which in turn stimulates the body,s natural healing process and leads to the formation of new collagen cells replacing the older damaged ones.In the case of acne scars and other traumatic scars as well as stretch marks, the laser columns break down the fibrous bands that cause the scar tissue in the first place. Each session is followed by a very easily manageable minimal downtime . The results are both immediate and progressive showing as a smoother, more even toned skin to eventually a tighter and more firm and supple one.

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