Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 by

Laser hair reduction targets the actively dividing cells in the hair follicle, making hair softer and finer with each session, reducing hair density and increasing the hair free periods. Completion of treatments over 6-8 sessions in expert hands would give you permanently smooth skin. Women see dramatic changes over the bikini region, legs and under

Razor Bumps

Monday, 24 June 2013 by

Any area of the body that is shaved frequently can develop Razor Bumps, which is common parlance for an aggravated bumpy appearance often associated with pain, redness and acne like eruptions. This is a persistent irritation and inflammatory response of the skin, which occurs due to the curling up of hair into the skin, instead

Smooth skin has always been on the wish list of women and men, not only for beauty, but as an essential component of good personal grooming and hygiene. Laser hair reduction has provided long-term respite in this regard, by saving large amounts of time and money, that were being spent on repeated hair removal (whether