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Soprano XL Pain Free Hair Free Treatment

Smooth skin has always been on the wish list of women and men, not only for beauty, but as an essential component of good personal grooming and hygiene. Laser hair reduction has provided long-term respite in this regard, by saving large amounts of time and money, that were being spent on repeated hair removal (whether at home or in salons).

However, all laser technologies are not made equal. There have been serious concerns surrounding the safety and efficacy of various generations of lasers available in the market. The Soprano XL Pain Free Hair Free laser (SHR diode 810 nm) has proved to be a game-changer in the realm of permanent hair reduction by giving excellent results, significantly faster and with greater comfort and safety.

The Soprano XL uses advanced Pain Free Hair Free technology, which has undergone rigorous testing and shown consistent results in clinical trials and laboratory studies. Thereafter, Pain Free Hair Free technology obtained the coveted US FDA approval for treatment in all skin types and has since gained popularity with patients and doctors worldwide.


Pain, discomfort and even burns, scarring or paradoxical increase in hair growth may result with older generations of lasers, from ineffective treatment or wrong treatment settings in untrained hands. The Soprano XL laser overcomes these pitfalls, by using improved InMotion technology for gradual heating of the hair follicle. Gradual heating allows targeted reduction of hair growth, while protecting the surrounding skin, preventing burns. In addition, the Soprano XL has a sapphire DualChill tip which protects the epidermis. The combination of these factors gives improved safety and good results.


  • Treatment with the Soprano XL laser is quick, comfortable and pleasant, often described as being similar to a ‘hot stone massage’, making this an attractive treatment option for everyone.

SHR Hair Removal: 6 wks after 1 treatment

  • The Soprano XL especially comes as a godsend for men and women with coarse, dense, dark body hair, (especially over the bikini region, chest and back) who find conventional laser therapy extremely uncomfortable. In addition they do not require topical anesthesia with this laser, though needed with other technology (thus non-messy and saves an hour of waiting time).

SHR Hair Removal: 6 wks after 2 treatments

Hair removal: 6 months after 7 treatments, Pulse Type II @ 46 J/cm2

  • It is especially a boon for busy individuals juggling work and domestic responsibilities and people desiring treatment over large areas of the body as large areas are covered in short duration.

SHR Hair Removal: 6 wks after 2 treatment

  • The laser is suitable for persons who may not have responded to other types of laser and see inadequate reduction of hair growth or density even after several sessions. Treatment with Soprano XL can yield good results in such cases as it uses a different form of delivery of energy.

SHR Hair Removal: 6 weeks after 2 treatments

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