Thermage and Fraxel Laser

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Thermage and Fraxel laser treatments are two of the finest Gold Standard treatments when it comes to a non-surgical face lift and skin texture improvements. They both together can help give you flawless skin and make you look years younger. Thermage: Popuplarly known as the “non-surgical facelift”, it is the finest technology introduced to help

Age is inevitable and affects us all especially after a lifetime of emoting happiness, excitement, anger and occasional sadness. We all want to age gracefully and most of us who are experiencing a treatment for the first time only want something non-invasive with the best results. Thermage is a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment which works on

SPMU-Eyebrows at AAYNA

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Nano-blading for Scanty Eyebrows at AAYNA ‘Eyebrows frame the eyes, giving one unique characteristics, personality and expressions’! Eyebrows play a significant role in overall appearance and communication; well-balanced nicely arched eyebrows enhance the facial features and help express emotions like surprise, anger, happiness, sadness etc. Having very sparse eyebrows naturally or due to medical conditions

SPMU For Pigmented Lips

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Lips are of the utmost importance when we look at a person’s face, they take up the light while we talk and frame our smiles every day. The lips are considered aesthetically pleasing if they are symmetrical, full, well defined and free of any kind of pigmentation. Dermal fillers are used extensively to accentuate the

Margaret Dabbs Unique Medical Pedicure – The Only One of Its Kind in India Foot care is essential and our feet deserve the finest as we are always on them. AAYNA’s foot clinic comprises of the most unique and exceptional podiatry treatment from London, The Margaret Dabbs treatment. Margaret Dabbs is a renowned celebrity foot

Little Known Uses Of Botox

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Botox has been infamous for the last 50 years for various reasons. It is a versatile drug and when used in the right amounts, one of the easiest and safest treatments to perform. Botox is most popular in anti ageing conditions especially for the upper face consisting of the frown lines (the terrible elevens) and

The Promise Of Microneedling

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 by

Micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment using devices with hundreds of tiny needles ranging in depth from .25 mm to 2.5 mm to treat and improve a variety of skin conditions. The concept of using tiny needles to create an intentional and controlled injury to the skin to trigger a healing response has a

Warts & Corns

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Feet sometimes a forgotten entity can come to light even when the slightest of nuances cause any discomfort to them. They are one of our most essential assets though often ignored; especially people who are always on their feet or play a sport understand their value only when they start feeling pain or discomfort. Foot

Diet and Acne Vulgaris

Thursday, 19 January 2017 by

Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food” it basically means that good nutrition is a fundamental building block of good health and healthy skin. Various studies showed that there is a direct relationship between healthy food intake and skin health. Out of many skin related disorders Acne Vulgaris is

Weight Gain after Menopause

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Menopause is a normal change that all women experience when they age. It is a part of aging process which usually happens after 40 years. But some women achieve menopause early because of hysterectomy or some medical issues. During menopause ovaries do not release eggs and menstruation stops. With the onset of menopause we all