Zap away body hair with Laser

Unwanted hair growth is a major issue that many women have to deal with. Often we have to resort to non-permanent hair removal methods on a monthly or a weekly basis. The whole process can be quite a task, and for many an embarrassing situation; especially those who have excessive facial hair.

In such a case you can opt for laser hair removal treatments. It is a medical procedure where laser – an intense pulsating beam of light released at high frequency – is used to burn out the hair follicles in your skin. During the procedure the pulsed beam of light passes through your skin targeting individual hair follicle. The aim is to damage the roots so that the future hair growth is inhibited.

You will need multiple sessions to get effective results. Your results from a laser hair removal treatment will depend on few things like coarseness of your hair, your skin tone, skin thickness etc. Laser hair removal works best for people with dark, coarse hair and light skin tone. This is because the laser targets the hair pigment.

In most cases after few sessions you will notice your hair growth slowing down, so you have an extended period of smooth hair-free skin. One warning though, a treatment does not guarantee permanent hair removal. You might see lighter growth coming back after a long period. In such situation you will have to go for periodic maintenance sessions. Laser hair removal is a personalised treatment that needs highly individual attention. Your dermatologist or laser treatment expert will consult you before to check the quality of your skin and body hair. Based on the area of the hair to be removed your dermatologist will decide on the specific type of laser to use. The two most effective types are diode and Nd:YAG.

In fact Nd:YAG laser is one of the best kinds for Indian and Asian skin type as it is able to target the hair follicles even when the skin tone is dusky. It is currently the most popular type of laser used to deal with unwanted hair. Your dermatologist can use this laser procedure to treat large hair growth areas like legs, arms back, underarms, upper lips, chin and bikini line. You will need 4 to 6 sittings before you can expect to see results.

Consulting a good doctor is very important in this case because wrongly done laser treatment can not only be ineffective and can leave you with sensitive pigmented skin.

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