Warts & Corns

Feet sometimes a forgotten entity can come to light even when the slightest of nuances cause any discomfort to them. They are one of our most essential assets though often ignored; especially people who are always on their feet or play a sport understand their value only when they start feeling pain or discomfort.

Foot care is essential as it helps prevent uncomfortable and painful lesions which can make it difficult to walk and carry out our day to day lifestyles. Podiatry treatments have now become a speciality as the imperative need for foot care has been realised. The commonest foot concerns are usually corns, callousities and plantar warts.
The concerns look similar but are very different in nature. They can each be prevented and treated in different ways.

Corns are usually caused by pressure which is usually due to our footwear or the way we walk. They have a conical core which puts pressure on the nerves and can be painful and usually distinguished from warts as the pain is felt on vertical pressure. Good footwear and using a good keratolytic cream can help prevent their occurrences.
Plantar warts or verrucae which look very similar to corns are due to viral infection caused by the HPV virus. It is easily acquired by walking on swimming pool floors, from public bathrooms and sweaty feet. The warts are contagious and can spread and usually infect from broken skin surfaces. They can become painful, itchy and sometimes may bleed.

Callousities are different and usually form due to friction and are thick keratotic patches which for on the soles of our feet. They are not painful but can make the soles rough. Diabetics are prone to callosities.
At AAYNA we bring to you a superior podiatry treatment from London by Margaret Dabbs. We discourage water pedicures as they are a source of fungal infections. The Margaret Dabbs medical pedicure is done using very fine instruments and drills which help remove the dead skin and make your feet smooth and comfortable to walk with. It also helps improve corns, plantar warts and callosities by reducing and preventing recurrences. The doctor’s at AAYNA also recommend special treatments for the warts and corns either by the application of salicylic acids or by a small surgical excision.

Healthy feet are a necessity and shouldn’t be ignored.

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