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The Ultimate Non- Surgical Facelift

Age is inevitable and affects us all especially after a lifetime of emoting happiness, excitement, anger and occasional sadness. We all want to age gracefully and most of us who are experiencing a treatment for the first time only want something non-invasive with the best results.

Thermage is a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment which works on radiofrequency technology. It is a onetime treatment which gives us immediate and lasting results. Thermage treatment helps improve sagging and lax skin, giving you a sleeker and smoother look. This treatment has no downtime and is extremely safe and is popularly known as the “lunch time face-lift”.

Thermage is an operator dependant treatment as everyone has their unique concerns and targeted treatment for optimal results is the key to a good Thermage. Thermage treats the skin by improving it from the inside as it tightens the skin proteins and helps realign the collagen fibroblast complexes.

The science behind it is very unique as it stimulates the body to naturally renew itself. Radiofrequency works by producing heat by RF waves which stimulates the superficial and deep layers of the skin that helps it reshape and tighten. It helps transform the skin from the inside and helps improve surface imperfections caused by age and environmental factors.

The benefits are that it improves the texture of the skin and does away with fine lines and wrinkles, giving it a smooth and sleek look. It improves your facial definition by improving the jaw line, under eyes and double chin.

Thermage is a 90 minute procedure and the new generation has CPT (comfort pulse technology) which improves the comfort quotient of the treatment with its cooling and vibration. Once Thermage has induced neocollagenesis, it gives you a feel good feeling and you see an improvement everyday and start looking younger than ever before.

So take control of your ageing skin and look like yourself again with the revolutionary, powerful anti ageing tool: The Thermage.

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