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The Perfect Mouth

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but your lips express your emotions – your anger, sadness, happiness. A pair of well-defined, perfectly shaped lips is also a symbol of sensuality in all cultures globally. A beautiful mouth with full supple lips also enhances the youthfulness of the face. But to retain that suppleness your lips needs some maintenance.

This is because skin on the lips is very thin – has only 3 to 5 layers – as compared to skin on your face and body. The skin on your lips also has no sweat or oil glands which offer natural barrier against external aggressors that is why you will find your lips getting dry and chapped easily. Signs of aging also start to show earlier around the mouth as the decreasing collagen and moisture lead to fine lines and drooping of the lips.

According to doctors the perfectly proportioned mouth should be 1.6 times the width of the bottom of the nose; but not every one of us is born with those proportions. It is not easy to go under the surgeon’s knife to get those proportions either. So you need to enhance the beauty of your natural shape.

Sun, pollution and seasonal changes can easily dry up your lips and create a dark rim around your mouth which can look really ugly. So your best defense against this is to keep your lips well moisturized and protected. Three ways you can do it. First, stop licking your chapped lips if you have them, since this can aggravate the conditions. Second, once or twice a week buff your lips to remove dry skin. Do it by applying a thick layer of lip butter or lip balm on your lips. Let it soak in for a couple of minutes, then take a soft cloth and gently rub away the lips in a circular motion to slough off the dry layer. Never peel the skin on your lips; it can only lead to bleeding and infections. Third, use a lip balm with natural ingredients like cocoa or shea butter, and that has physical UV ray blockers to prevent darkening of the lips and the mouth area.

However, as you cross over to your thirties, it is quite natural to notice fine lines appearing around the mouth – more so if you are a smoker. You will also start to notice that the natural vermillion border around the mouth which gives definition to your lips starts to vanish, and edges of the lips start to droop.

Lip fillers are one of the easiest ways to getting beautiful lips. The fillers can be based on collagen or hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that is one of the bases of our skin. Lip fillers – the ones with hyaluronic acid like from the brand Juvederm – can restore the youthful appearance of your lips by filling out the crevices around the mouth, adding volume, and enhancing the shape.

In fact, you can opt for lip fillers if you have thin lips or misshapen mouth. Lip fillers can also give your mouth a more lifted look giving your facial structure more definition. It is also a fact that a shot in the lip with a filler can plump them up making them more sensual.

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