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Lips are of the utmost importance when we look at a person’s face, they take up the light while we talk and frame our smiles every day. The lips are considered aesthetically pleasing if they are symmetrical, full, well defined and free of any kind of pigmentation. Dermal fillers treatment is used extensively to accentuate the volume and shape but are not much help in correcting the pigmentation. Lips are the most expressive feature of the human body along with the eyes.

Pigmentation of lips is a very common concern and refers to the darkening (hyper pigmentation) or lightening of pigmentation (hypo pigmentation). The change in pigmentation could be due to many reasons, such as- genetics/ethnicity, melasma, leukoderma, drug reactions, sun exposure, traumas, cheap products, smoking to name a few.

The most convenient way to hide the pigmentation is by using a lipstick or dermal colours to camouflage. While they come in handy as a temporary fix, but with long-term use it might cause more damage. The pigments in the lip colours might actually be worsening your present condition. The use of dermal-colours for decreased pigmentation treatment also has to be reapplied throughout the day as they are easily washed off in simple activities like eating or talking.

Semi permanent make up has become a well accepted treatment worldwide for pigmented lips as it is absolutely safe and done in a single sitting. The results are very natural and consistent and last for about 3-5 years. Unlike other procedures the medical micro pigmentation does not use iron oxide based pigments and hence the colour never changes. You no longer have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.

You can chose from array of colours and combine according to your need, complexion, lip shape, profession, age etc. Neutral shades like peach and pink can leave you pout looking more defined and giving you a much youthful appearance.

At AAYNA clinic the team has been trained extensively by GOLDENEYE, Germany and have a vast experience in lip reshaping and pigment correction. Every treatment is customized and done under supervision of a doctor.
So wake up looking fresh everyday!

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