SPMU-Eyebrows at AAYNA

Nano-blading for Scanty Eyebrows at AAYNA

‘Eyebrows frame the eyes, giving one unique characteristics, personality and expressions’!

Eyebrows play a significant role in overall appearance and communication; well-balanced nicely arched eyebrows enhance the facial features and help express emotions like surprise, anger, happiness, sadness etc. Having very sparse eyebrows naturally or due to medical conditions like Alopecia (Loss of Hair) Areata and universalis leave the facial appearance incomplete and unframed, that does influence one’s self esteem and self-confidence.

That is why it’s not uncommon for the people like to modify their eyebrows by hair transplant, Laser hair reduction and semi permanent makeup like brow pencils, powders, permanent tattooing through micro pigmentation, and even cosmetic surgery to get the brows they desire. Good changes can enhance the look but if done badly, unnatural looking, too high or too low arched eyebrows can even have a negative impact on one’s personality.

At AAYNA, we use German technology called Nano-blading, which is one of the finest and latest advancements for correcting, creating, shaping or enhancing the eyebrows .

It is a responsibility to design eyebrow shaping properly. The doctors at AAYNA assess the bone structure, facial shape, features, skin tone and hair colour and person’s profession, personality and the individual preferences, address it.

The pigments used in the treatment are organic making them hypo allergenic and safe. There is a huge range of shades out of which a shade is selected matching person’s natural hair colour, making the brows look natural and merged with the natural brow hair. The pigment being semi-permanent, one always has the option to keep up with the on-going fashion trends for their eyebrow looks.

The hair by hair strokes are made making the brows look as natural as possible and impossible for the other people to say how you got those amazing brows! All that one gets is a younger and fresher looking face.

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