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Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment Delhi

Cellulite is the dreaded dimpled appearance of skin, usually seen over the thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen which plagues women of all age groups and races.

Cellulite ridden skin is often likened to the dimpled skin of an orange, or to the broken appearance of cottage cheese. Tight fibrous bands present in female skin, cause the bulging of deeper fat, leading to the uneven appearance of skin. Due to a different pattern of distribution of skin fat, men usually do not suffer from cellulite.

Cellulite Treatment is related to the levels of female hormones in the body, thus is commonly seen in women and sometimes in obese men.

Stress, pregnancy, weight gain, lack of exercise etc. contribute to cellulite though the severity of cellulite is variable and does not depend exclusively on a person’s age, fitness levels or skin type. However, younger women have higher levels of female hormones and are therefore usually affected more severely than women close to menopause.

Overweight individuals, by reduction of body fat percentage, may see an improvement in cellulite on losing weight. However, cellulite is a common concern among very fit, slender individuals, including popular young actresses and celebrities.

Two distinct modalities are now available to treat cellulite:

Acoustic wave therapy  or AWT breaks the fibrous bands using sound waves, similar to those used to treat kidney stones.

The reduction of bands relieves pressure on the fat pockets, reducing the bulge, hence treating cellulite. XWave is a US FDA approved European device that uses AWT to comfortably treat cellulite with great results.

Mesotherapy Treatment is a French technique used to deliver a customized cocktail of medication into the fat. This is done through multiple tiny injections into the skin that are administered by the doctor and feel like a brief ant bite.

Mesotherapy for cellulite or Mesocellulite aids the metabolism of fat, improves blood flow and reduces fibrous bands, thus improving cellulite.

Each of these is a standalone treatment which gives visible, long lasting results in the management of cellulite. However, for best results, especially in severe cellulite, a combination of weekly treatments of the two modalities is recommended.

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