Non Surgical Treatment for Back Fat & Love Handles

A slim, sleek silhouette ranks high on the wish list of most people. While a balanced diet and active lifestyle are essential for a consistently shapely physique; there are certain areas of the body from where mobilization of fat deposits takes longer than from other areas. These stubborn deposits of fat, such as back rolls and love handles pose a frustrating problem even to otherwise fit individuals.

Over the back region, fat deposits manifest in the form of back rolls (also called bra fat in women) and love handles. These unsightly bulges are visible even through clothing and get highlighted in tight clothes and bras.

Overall fitness and healthy body fat composition would help to reduce back bulges. However, they often persist despite high levels of physical activity. There are now effective non-surgical body contouring treatments available, to quickly address this concern. The Exilis technology for body shaping has found a place of pride in the offices of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons across the US and Canada. Dr. Simal Soin first introduced this technology to India in July 2012 and has since treated hundreds of patients with remarkable visible results.

Exilis is a European product that is one of the finest body contouring machines available in the world today. Exilis is a US FDA approved technology, which uses ultrasound and radio frequency waves in combination, to mobilize fat and tighten overlying skin, respectively.

By using a combination of waves and customizable depth of penetration, Exilis stands miles ahead of comparable technology in the market. The treatment consists of a few comfortable and evenly spaced sessions over the targeted area. The results are visible immediately, with progressive improvement over the next few months.

The treatment is painless with no recovery period and often described as a ‘hot stone massage’. The Exilis is a non-surgical clinically approved device which gives results without using any needles, medication, or anaesthesia.

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