Margaret Dabbs Unique Medical Pedicure

Margaret Dabbs Unique Medical Pedicure – The Only One of Its Kind in India

Foot care is essential and our feet deserve the finest as we are always on them. AAYNA’s foot clinic comprises of the most unique and exceptional podiatry treatment from London, The Margaret Dabbs treatment. Margaret Dabbs is a renowned celebrity foot expert from London and our practitioners were specially sent to London to be trained from the best. This fabulous treatment addresses all aspects of foot health.

The medical pedicure is a dry one as water baths and soaks are the cause and are a high risk of fungal infections of the feet and toenails. The procedure uses advanced sterilised instruments like drills, burrs and a special product range which comprises of Emu oil to give you the perfect sole and nails. It specially treats dry, cracked feet, corns, callosities, toe nail fungus and plantar warts. Emu oil has special properties which anti fungal and anti inflammatory and are healing leading to long lasting results.

The medical pedicure is pain free and relaxing and it helps your feet breathe and gives you comfort to walk and stand for long hours. The podiatry treatment also works well in treating medical foot conditions like plantar keratoderma, plantar psoriasis, exfoliative dermatitis, fungal infections and those with diabetic foot concerns. The pedicure relieves them of pain, discomfort and results in faster healing. Ideally once a month sessions are enough along with maintenance of good feet hygiene.

Maragret Dabbs has branches in London at Marlyborne, Harrods, Bvlgari hotel and at the sole lounge in Dubai. In India, AAYNA is the only one to bring to you foot & hand care treatment which will keep you feet happy.

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