Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Can you wish those extra kilos sitting on your hips and thighs away? The answer is yes. One of the latest techniques to lose weight, that research shows has a positive effect, is hypnotherapy. One controlled study done by National Health Service Hospital in the UK showed that the people who were being treated with hypnotherapy along with dietary advice continued to lose weight even after 18 months as compared to the group that was being treated with just dietary advice.

It is a relatively new line of treatment to deal with excessive weight. This basically works around the concept that our mind is very receptive to suggestion especially when it is in a state of deep trance. It is proven that when you go under hypnosis, your mind is in state of extreme concentration and ready to absorb information and suggestion that help in behavioral changes.

Today many weight loss programs include hypnotherapy along with diet, exercise and counseling to help the patients not only lose weight but also maintain the good weight longer and better. Programs For Weight Loss with hypnotherapy start with counseling, and prescribed diet and exercise regime, this is then supplemented with single or group hypnotherapy sessions where the therapist puts you in a highly focused state. When you are in this state, the therapist starts by suggesting positive self-image concerning your weight and stressing on how your slimming plans will succeed. The therapist through various sessions tries to remove the negative image about food, and highlight the positive benefits of eating right. The therapist helps you visualize the results of eating healthy, and how regular workouts can sculpt your body. This kind of encouraging imagery helps. Sometimes the therapist may ask you to visualize and converse with your healthier, fitter self.

So how does hypnotherapy help you in losing weight? Through power of suggestion you are able to curb your cravings for foods that might be harmful for your condition. After a few therapy sessions you will find that you are able to control your emotional eating binges, because the therapist has helped you identifying your stress which leads to the binges in the first place. We are often victims of mindless eating as we try to multitask – either eating while working at a computer or staring at the TV.

Hypnotherapy encourages you to be more mindful of what and how much you put in your mouth. You are more alert to the signs from your body that you are full as you eat more slowly. This helps your body in adjusting the calories better. Through visualization of happy memories, hypnotherapy encourages you to get out of your lethargy and exercise rut. In fact one of the best things about hypnotherapy is that it stops you from sabotaging your self-image and improving confidence in your looks. Through the power of suggestion you are able to be your optimum self – but a single session won’t do, practice makes it perfect.

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