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Little Known Uses Of Botox

Botox has been infamous for the last 50 years for various reasons. It is a versatile drug and when used in the right amounts, one of the easiest and safest treatments to perform. Botox is most popular in anti ageing conditions especially for the upper face consisting of the frown lines (the terrible elevens) and the crow’s feet. Botox also has many unconventional uses which help us further enhance our features and treat medical conditions.

Cosmetic Concerns:

Other than ironing out our creases on the forehead, Botox treatment in Delhi also helps in contouring the face giving it a softer appearance. Less is always more and no telltale signs should be left behind in a nicely done treatment.

Chin Dimpling: As we age our mentalis muscle gets overactive and increases the pebbling effect on our chin. A few units of Botox into it helps it rest making the chin softer and restoring its youthful appearance.

Smoker’s Lines: Increase in perioral lines usually seen in smokers and also due to photo ageing. Botox in the orbicularis oris muscle can help smooth the area around the mouth and takes away the fine lines.

Gummy smile: Botox gives you the perfect smile by doing away with your gummy look as it helps relax the levavtor labii muscles.

Defining the jaw line: Over activity of the masseter muscle causes our jaw line to square. Botox into the masseter helps restore the oval or heart shaped appearance of our face giving us a well contoured jaw line.

Turkey Neck: Prominent neck bands tend to give our age away. Botox into the platysma helps smoothen the neck lines giving it a younger appearance.

Eyebrow lift: A few points of Botox given on the upper face can help raise the brows and take a awy from the droopy look.

Medical Concerns:

Migraine: Botox plays an important role in reducing the intensity of migraines and also the recurrence rate.

Excessive sweating: Known as Hyperhidrosis, Botox is a boon for axillary (underarms) hyperhidrosis especially during the summer months. People with excessive sweating on the palms and soles are also treated with Botox which give them long standing results and improves their daily quality of life.

Manage acne: Micro Botox given in acne prone individuals helps reduce the sebaceous activity of the skin and thus improves its quality and treats acne.

So Botox is quite the wonder drug in the right hands and has the ability to correct a variety of conditions. It is safe, so do consult your Dermatologist to do away with all the myths and use it in the right manner.

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