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How To Reduce The Size Of Open Pores ?

Sometimes all we can see when we look into the mirror is those stubborn blackheads clogging our pores. What do you do? You get them extracted of course, expecting a smooth, clear and finally flawless face. What do you get? Large gaping holes in place of your blackheads – welcome to the horrid world of open pores.

Pores – friend or foe?

A pore is a pathway for oil/sebum to reach your skin. At the bottom of each pore is a sebaceous/oil gland that produces sebum to protect your skin. And it is this natural oil that keeps your skin soft and supple. It is also through these very pores that we sweat so we can keep our body temperatures normal.

Why are my pores so colossal?

The size of your pores is determined genetically, however, oily skin

sun damage and ageing can cause loss of elasticity of skin along with the debris clogging your pores, ultimately stretching them out, making them look more prominent resulting in what we call open pores.

What can I do to reduce the size of my open pores?

Everyone will tell you a million different “remedies” to reduce the size of your open pores – raw egg whites, milk, curd, papaya etc. Now these will definitely moisturize your skin. But if you don’t want to sit around with all that muck on your face, thinking of ways to stop gagging from the smell, there certainly are scientifically sound options targeted specifically to your open pores that truly work.

  • Laser treatments – When it comes to open pores, the Fraxel Fractional Laser device and the Cutera Laser Genesis do not disappoint. Lasers basically stimulate the collagen present in the deeper dermal layer of your skin creating newer, more elastic collagen helping your skin regain all that lost elasticity. This in turn visibly reduces the size of your open pores, simultaneously making your skin look younger apart from also getting rid of pesky pigmentation.
  • Peels and Microdermabrasion – Chemical peels as well as MDA work by exfoliating your skin hence, removing the clogged up dead skin cells, oil and debris making your pores appear smaller. They basically work by reducing the dilatation of pores that comes with blockage.
  • Topical Retinoids – Retinoids work by gently exfoliating your skin from within. They help reduce oil production and also unclog your pores thereby making them appear smaller.
  • Topical Vitamin C – Vitamin C does it all – it reduces inflammation, it prevents acne, it even helps produce collagen thus reducing the size of your pores.
  • Cleansing and Toning – Don’t forget to wash your face with a good cleanser not more than twice a day to keep the excess oil at bay. Do not over cleanse as it causes even more oil to be secreted. And to finish it off, use toners to clear your skin of oil as well as tighten your pores.
    You no longer have to be embarrassed and harassed by those gaping holes on your beautiful face. Because we now know how to fill them up!
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