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Exilis – Body Contouring

Curves are beautiful. Absolutely. No one wants to look like a plank of wood. But a lot of us have curves at all the wrong places. And some of us do all the right things – we eat right, we exercise, we do everything in our power to get rid of those annoying bulges. But that stubborn pile of adipose refuses to budge! To top it off, post pregnancy, a lot of us have a layer of loose, sagging skin adorning that underlying fat. All we want is to lose the fat and tighten up a bit so that we can look as fit as we feel.

The Exilis Elite for the body does just that – by treating laxity and reshaping your body from head to toe it can give you that dream body you’ve been working so hard for. Exilis technology uses mono-polar radiofrequency to tighten your skin and melt away your fat.


How it works

Fat Reduction – It uses a combination of Ultrasonic waves and Mono-polar Radiofrequency for targeted deep thermal heating, which shrinks the fat cell layer, driving it away into your lymphatic system to be eliminated from your body. Long term, it also induces fat cell death.

Skin Tightening – It re-organizes collagen structure and stimulates new, firmer collagen production.

Where you can use it

It can be used absolutely anywhere on your body – be it your abdomen for fat reduction or skin tightening post-pregnancy/weight loss, love handles, bra fat, décolleté, inner thigh fat, legs, above knee fat, arms.

It is an amazingly safe and effective way of body contouring with no pain, no anesthesia required, no needles, no downtime. It’s as easy as walking in and out of your physician’s office within 30 minutes. All you notice is a feeling of intense heating often described by patients as a hot stone massage.

What about results

Go ahead. Stand in front of that mirror you’ve detested for so long. You will see a visibly slimmer, firmer You, gazing right back at you. Although every body responds differently, many patients have been thrilled to lose up to 2-3 inches. And if you stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise plan, these beautiful results really last!

So no more fretting over that sagging skin and those stubborn bulges, no more wishing you had opted for a surrogate. Visit your physician and get the dream body you deserve!

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