Chemical Peels

Sun damage, ageing, acne and pigmentation can give skin a patchy, dull appearance. Chemical peels offer a safe and simple solution to all these problems by rejuvenating skin with minimal / no downtime. The ingredients for peels are extracted from natural sources such as milk, sugarcane, papaya and citrus fruits and purified into potent medical grade preparations of standardized strengths. The idea of chemical peels is not a modern one. Cleopatra’s milk bath was merely a gentle lactic peel in action.

Chemical peels treatments work by penetrating to a specific depth and removing only the topmost layers of skin, which primarily consist of dead cells. Thus peels cause a controlled exfoliation to give brighter, smoother skin. Based on the depth up to which they cause resurfacing of skin, chemical peels may be known as superficial, medium or deep peels. The most appropriate peels for individual skin can be selected by the treating doctor depending on the skin type and concerns.

Superficial peels cause minimal stinging during application and a gentle exfoliation which causes minimal dryness and no downtime. Alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid etc. are common, effective superficial peels which are suitable for rough, dull skin, fine lines, superficial pigmentation and recent tan or acne. The exfoliation caused by peels triggers the synthesis of a new smoother layer of skin. Thus regular sessions of chemical peels are a quick, painless and effective way to get clear skin and turn back the clock.

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