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Best Skin Tightening and Skin Lifting Treatments & Solutions

You want to take years away from your face but do not want to go under the knife. Fear not, there are now various non surgical options available without any downtime which done in the hands of experienced dermatologists have wonderful results.

The two finest US FDA approved treatments in the world for skin tightening are Thermage CPT and Exilis.

The results with these treatments are never as dramatic as surgery but they are far more natural and work towards building volume and collagen something that surgery cannot do. The best part of these treatments is that you look yourself , just younger and better, rested, less tired and fresher. All you are doing is turning the clock back!

Both the technologies employ monopolar radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production. The more the collagen build up there is the more contoured and tighter the skin becomes.

The difference between the two technologies is that thermage CPT needs a single session to show results and Exilis needs 4-5 sessions at 2 weekly intervals to show results. Thermage is static radiofrequency and needs a grid pattern protocol but Exilis is in motion radiofrequency. Exilis does not need a disposable tip but Thermage CPT employs a disposable tip for every treatment.

It takes a few months before great results are seen because the collagen buildup takes time to peak. The final result is that the eyes look less droopy, the undereye area looks fresher, the jowls and jawline becomes contoured.

Besides the face and neck both technologies treat the loose sagging skin on the abdomen, fat bulging stomachs, thighs, upper arms and back rolls.

Another US FDA approved treatment which lifts the skin and restores lost volume in the cheeks is the Volume fillers which is a lifting filler by virtue of it being a volumising filler.

At the centre in Vasant Vihar we have experience with 700 Thermage patients treatments over the last 5 years and over 150 exilis over the last 6 months.



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