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Bad habits that lead to hair thinning

Who doesn’t love a head of thick, lush hair? But our eating habits, stress, and illness can lead to hair loss. It is okay to lose few strands of hair every day, but when those few strands turn to clumps then it’s a cause for worry. You will be surprised to know that this is often due to bad hair habits rather than any serious physical issues. Here’s a list of things you do wrong, and tips on what to do right to get back your lush mane.

Bad habit #1: Using very hot water to wash your hair. It dehydrates your strands and strips the protective layer of natural oil present on your scalp leading to brittle strands and itchy scalp.
Hair help: Use lukewarm water to shampoo your hair, and then use cold water (as much as you can bear) to rinse out shampoo and conditioner.

Bad habit #2: Rubbing and combing wet hair. Your strands are the weakest when wet, so rubbing your hair with a towel ruffles up cuticles. Also when you use a comb or a hair brush on wet hair you tend to snag and break the strands.
Hair help: Blot your scalp and hair with a soft towel after washing. Brush your dry hair before you shampoo to loosen dry flakes and dirt. You can use a wide toothed comb (preferably a wooden one) to spread conditioner evenly through your hair after shampoo. Rinse, towel dry and then set your hair when it is partially dry.

Bad habit #3: Using really hot styling tools: Using blow dryers or tongs at high temperature break down the proteins that make the hair strands.
Hair help: Limit the usage of even blow dryers to three times a week. When using tongs apply a heat protection spray to your strands which forms a barrier that prevent static and dryness.

Bad habit #4: Overdoing the styling products: Too much styling gel or mousse can coat the strands making them look dull, and clog the roots causing dandruff. The strong hold products can dry out the strands leading to breakage.
Hair help: Skip products that make your hair stiff or sticky. Once or twice a week avoid using any product on your strands. Softer products like serum and styling creams are better for regular use as they hold on to the hair moisture. Shampoo and condition your hair on a daily basis if you cannot stay away from products.

Bad habit #5: Pulling hair up in tight do always. A high ponytail or tied back hair puts lots tension on the hair follicles, weakening the roots. This loosens the strands from the roots which then fall out.
Hair help: Try looser ponytails tied low at the nape of your neck. Avoid tight bands that sag hair. Also leave your hair loose every once in a while to relax the roots, and the strands.

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