5 top Fat Burning Foods

Combine fat burning foods along with calorie restricted diets to boost up the metabolic rate and reducing body fat.

How fat burning foods work:

1. They are nutrient dense, like rich in proteins, fibers, antioxidants etc
2. They usually have low glycemic index.
3. They help in regulating blood glucose levels and helps in keeping insulin levels low. Low levels of insulin allow the release of fatty acids which helps in fat loss.

List of fat burning foods:

1. Protein rich foods: Proteins are thermogenic in nature which means they produce heat during digestion process. Proteins use 30% of its calories to digest them.

a. Fish : They are rich in DHA (omega 3 fatty acid) and lean proteins which help in burning fat.
b. Beans: Rich in proteins, low in fat and high in fiber. These help in fat loss.
c. Nuts are rich in essential fats, fibers and proteins. Nuts help in fat breakdown and helps in fat mobilization.
d. Eggs are also very good fat burning food.

2. Whole grains: whole grains are rich in B vitamins, Vit E, magnesium and fiber which help in maintaining blood glucose levels and help in regulating metabolism. Whole grain like brown rice, barley, oats, jawar etc should be included as the part of daily food intake.

3. Apples: They are rich in pectin which binds with water and limit the fat absorption by our body cells. They are also rich in antioxidants and fiber which helps in increasing metabolic rate.

4. Cinnamon: It helps in regulating blood sugar levels and helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

5. Green leafy vegetables: eat lots of green leafy vegetables as are they are low in calories, high in fiber and contain calcium and vit C. vegetables juices (like spinach juice, celery juice etc) helps in cleansing body, increases metabolic rate and aids in fat loss.

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