Excellent staff & great services !!!! superb experience everytime one is at AAYNA !! Thank you Dr. Soin & team for your guidance & help…..
Very good staff , professional & very nice welcome! I’ll come back for the new experience. Thank you…
Fraxel turned out very helpful. Noticed a significant improvement. Respectful staff , good ambience . I’ve been recommending AAYNA to others…..
Got a Forest Essential Facial , the therapist was fantastic at the service as always. Very very happy with the service. Thank you
“I am following the diet given by the nutrition head for almost 10 days & I can see changes in my body remarkably. I feel much lighter & lean as compared to before. In such a short span of time I can clearly see my goal weight coming near. Thank you so much!”
“Very thoughtful and professional. Your face is what the whole world sees; it’s wonderful to have it be so well cared for”
“It’s good to see yourself in the mirror, after a little bit of pampering from AAYNA. I’s a pleasure !”
I would like to register my appreciation for Gargi Sharma at Aayna clinic. When I joined the weight loss programme three months ago, I was very apprehensive but would like to share with you all that I got brilliant results . I have lost 12kgs of weight & 5-6inches from my tummy. Gargi listened to me patiently & worked out a good programme without being overly rigid. I want to appreciate the way she has of handling people: smiling, patient & alertly attentive. I have lost weight without feeling deprived ! I wish her all the best for her future.
After Margaret Dabbs pedicure ,can’t stop looking at my feet.
The hydrafacial I got it done was extremely refreshing and rejuvenating ! my face looks much better. Ms Muan does everything brilliantly. Keep it up!
Pamela ZNew York
I am not overweight but have always just hated my loose bulging stomach post babies. I considered a tummy tuck or lipo. This procedure was my final atempt prior to signing on for surgery. I can't believe the results! Exilis is a sculpting proceedure, not a weight loss proceedure. My shape completely changed. I am so very pleased with how my belly looks now!
AnanyaNew Delhi
My arms used to look so flabby before exilis especially when I worked out at the gym. Four sessions of exilis have done wonders.
Thank you, the service was great. Have got Margaret Dabbs foot treatment done in Dubai as well and am happy to find something at par with it here in my own city
Honestly speaking I have been visiting many clinics in my 54 years of life but first time ever I have come across such a wonderful personality like Dr Simal Soin- she is a fantastic doctor and at the same time a wonderful artist. She has been blessed by God - the way she shows the magic results by her skills…apart from that she is wonderful person. Her team is excellent too - skilled and lovely.
AAYNA has given me a new life, an elevated confidence and a super healthy & glowing skin. Dr Soin and her entire team is an expert when it comes to Dermatology. Thank you everyone at AAYNA from the deepest core of my heart for giving me back my skin and happiness. Love u ol. Thanks a lot!
I did hydrafacial, really loved it! My skin is now glowing. Thank you so much