After her basic medical qualification in India, Dr. Simal Soin went to UK to train further in Dermatology and specialize in Cosmetic Dermatology. There she trained and worked for 6 years at two of the world’s most premier Dermatology centres, London’s St John’s Institute of Dermatology and Addenbrookes hospital, University of Cambridge. During her tenure at Cambridge, Dr. Simal Soin carried out original research in the “Development of warts, keratoses and skin cancer in immunosuppressed patients after solid organ transplantation”. This was a collaborative project researched at Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge and Papworth hospital which is one of Europe’s premier heart and lung transplant centres. Dr. Simal Soin (Dermatologist in Delhi) was awarded a M. Phil degree for this work in 1998.

During her research stint, Dr. Simal Soin was conferred with many research awards.
  • Research Fellowship of the International Journal of Experimental Pathology
  • Addenbrooke’s Hospital NHS Endowment fund award
  • St John’s Institute of Dermatology Award
  • Award from the British Society of Investigative Dermatology
  • Fellowship of the Postgraduate Medical Journal
  • Quinoderm Fellowship from the British Association of Dermatologists

At Cambridge, she conducted special clinics for patients with warts, keratosis and skin cancers. Apart from conventional therapeutics, she gained vast experience in cosmetic dermatology including the use of all modern laser equipment for treatment of variety of skin diseases and blemishes, in botox and various fillers.

Since her return from UK 13 years ago she has been pursuing and honing her skills further in cosmetic dermatology, incorporating in her practice the very latest techniques imbibed from all around the globe. Although she has an impressive armamentarium of cosmetic procedures in which she has gained expertise, anti-ageing therapies and cosmetic solutions are her forte.

Dr. Simal Soin has had a lot of media exposure and regularly does television shows, newspaper and magazine articles and is regularly quoted in the media. She was adjudged the super achiever of the year by DD Metro 2004 in the field of Dermatology in 2004. Dr. Simal Soin has received awards for credible work in her field from various organisations. Moreover, she is happy to inform that her clinic has become a leading destination for cosmetic skin care requirement in this nation and has gained a huge client base of over 20,000 across the globe.

Dr. Simal Soin regularly participates in all the major National and International conferences in her specialty and is a member of IACD and ESCAD, CSI, World Antiageing Association. She consults for and launches skin care products and oral supplements and holds press conferences and gives talks regularly on various aspects of skin health. She is a research consultant with various cosmeceutical groups and advises them on new upcoming products.

Dr. Simal Soin holds a firm belief through her extensive travels and experience that the secret of good skin is a combination of holistic medicines, healthy life-style and low non-impact cosmetic procedures. She is a keen lover of the arts.

Dr. Simal Soin works closely with various organisations to strongly support the girl child. She is one of the best Dermatologist in Delhi, India. Read customer’s testimonials here about Dr. Simal Soin (Dermatologist in Delhi).