You really thought acne and pimples are for the teens? Well, you are wrong, even big people ca get acne. This is true mainly for women who are nearing their menopause; that is not to say that men won’t get it. Adult acne generally raises its head as you reach your 40’s – the phase

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

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Can you wish those extra kilos sitting on your hips and thighs away? The answer is yes. One of the latest techniques to lose weight, that research shows has a positive effect, is hypnotherapy. One controlled study done by National Health Service Hospital in the UK showed that the people who were being treated with

The Perfect Mouth

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Eyes might be the window to the soul, but your lips express your emotions – your anger, sadness, happiness. A pair of well-defined, perfectly shaped lips is also a symbol of sensuality in all cultures globally. A beautiful mouth with full supple lips also enhances the youthfulness of the face. But to retain that suppleness

Sometimes all we can see when we look into the mirror is those stubborn blackheads clogging our pores. What do you do? You get them extracted of course, expecting a smooth, clear and finally flawless face. What do you get? Large gaping holes in place of your blackheads – welcome to the horrid world of


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We all crave a little magic in our lives. Anything we really wish could happen but know deep down is next to impossible, we yearn for a little MAGIC. The Fraxel laser is indeed enchanted – when it comes to your skin, it makes the impossible, possible. What is Fraxel? Fraxel is a magnificent fractional

Big event coming up over the weekend, too late to start taking care of your skin for it to return the favor in time for the occasion – we’ve all been through this drill before. You just end up putting layers and layers of makeup and hope against all hopes no one notices the drab,

Chemical Peels

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Sun damage, ageing, acne and pigmentation can give skin a patchy, dull appearance. Chemical peels offer a safe and simple solution to all these problems by rejuvenating skin with minimal / no downtime. The ingredients for peels are extracted from natural sources such as milk, sugarcane, papaya and citrus fruits and purified into potent medical

Why do we get scars and stretch marks? Collagen is an important structural protein present in the deeper layers of skin, which keeps skin taut and smooth. Undue stretching of skin, (such as in pregnancy, growth, sudden weight or muscle gain/loss) damages the skin structure and collagen, producing unsightly stretch marks. Tissue injury and inflammation

Anti-aging treatments currently lead the list of procedures being performed at aesthetic clinics across the globe. The spectrum of treatments is rather wide, ranging from the regular use of sunscreens and moisturizers to invasive surgery. Traditionally they have been segregated into surgical and non-surgical options. Facial ageing primarily takes place due to the following reasons

Skin health isn’t only concerning about your look but truly its a art of restoring healthy and youth skin. Skin health is considered as a lifestyle which requires weekly or monthly care on regular basis and the right kind of treatment for each skin sort. Hydrafacial, Oxygen facial and Photofacial target every skin concern across