Linum usitatissimum also know as flaxseeds are being widely used nowadays because of its multiple health benefits. Flaxseeds are very good source of antioxidants, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and fiber and usually comes in two basic varieties brown and yellow seeds. What all nutrients are present in flaxseeds? Flaxseeds are the source of three

Hot sun, humidity, sweat and grime play havoc with your skin during the warm months. Here’s how you can beat the summer heat. An overdose of UV rays, humidity, and dust during the summer months can have such a negative impact on your skin. It gets sticky, and complexion looks patchy; pores open up, and

Unwanted hair growth is a major issue that many women have to deal with. Often we have to resort to non-permanent hair removal methods on a monthly or a weekly basis. The whole process can be quite a task, and for many an embarrassing situation; especially those who have excessive facial hair. In such a

Our Laser Facials

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Experience a combination of the world’s finest Laser facial done with the medlite C6 and photofacial done with the Laser genesis Cutera Vantage. Combination of these two treatments at defined intervals keeps your skin texture smooth. Not only are they safe but they are also very effective . The two treatments have a synergistic effect

Stressful lifestyle, pollutants in the environment can to your natural aging process, making you look older than what you really are. While fine lines, sallow skin, patchy complexion all are tell-tale signs of aging, there is another aspect of this that most of us tend to ignore or not notice. That is the drooping or

Do Away With Dark Circles

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Whether you are fair skinned or dusky, dark circles under the eyes is a beauty menace that is hard to hide, and inflicts almost all of us. Thanks to hectic lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance, and even genetic makeup dark under eye circles can become a constant feature on your face. Dark circles

Who doesn’t love a head of thick, lush hair? But our eating habits, stress, and illness can lead to hair loss. It is okay to lose few strands of hair every day, but when those few strands turn to clumps then it’s a cause for worry. You will be surprised to know that this is

Skincare during changing season

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As the climate gets cooler, the crisp mornings and the slight nip in the air does feel refreshing, but it also leads to dull skin, dryness, chapped lips, hands and feet. Despite the perception, it is not January or February that are the worst months. By that time our skin actually gets adjusted to the

Lymphastim for Detoxification

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The human lymphatic system is responsible for removing interstitial fluid from tissues. Its main functions are to absorb and transports fatty acids and fats throughout the circulatory system to the lymph nodes. Diseases and problems of the lymphatic system usually cause swelling, water retention etc and Lymphastim treatment is highly effective and given proven results

Single session Non-Surgical Contouring over the full face US FDA Approved. Safe & effective with proven results Treats double chin, sagging skin, square jaw, turkey neck Long lasting results and slows down further ageing No needles, cuts, pain, medicine, anesthesia or downtime Results visible immediately, keep improving for 6 months Best ever technology in ten