PRP therapy for hair loss has established itself to be effective as a medical treatment modality in the specialty fields of oral surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, sports medicine and orthopedics. In the field of hair restoration, evidence supports PRP therapy as a promising treatment option to promote hair growth. So what is PRP? This


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Fraxel laser is the best friend which can hide a few a few secrets from your past. Acne scars left over from the growing up years, need not follow you around for ever. Unsightly stretch marks-need not be an unwanted reminder of the tell- tale signs of a see saw of weight gain and weight

How to make your meals nutritionally Rich? Meeting your daily nutrients requirements is not that difficult if you plan your meals carefully. Learn how to select healthy food options in meals: Breakfast: Usually people are in rush during morning hours and they tend to miss their breakfast but eating breakfast is highly important as our

Health benefits of Cinnamon

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Essential oils present in cinnamon (namely: cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate and cinnamyl alcohol) makes it unique as these essential oils provides multiple health benefits. Health benefits of cinnamon are as follows: 1. It helps in controlling blood glucose levels by delaying the emptying of stomach after meals. 2. It helps in lowering down the blood cholesterol

5 top Fat Burning Foods

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Combine fat burning foods along with calorie restricted diets to boost up the metabolic rate and reducing body fat. How fat burning foods work: 1. They are nutrient dense, like rich in proteins, fibers, antioxidants etc 2. They usually have low glycemic index. 3. They help in regulating blood glucose levels and helps in keeping

Get rid of Man boobs

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Gynecomastia basically called enlarged breast or Man boobs is caused by decreased production of testosterone hormone which reduces effect of testosterone and increases estrogen levels. As we know, in both males and females, testosterone and estrogen levels control the development of sex characteristics and this increase in estrogen levels leads to growth of breasts in

Linum usitatissimum also know as flaxseeds are being widely used nowadays because of its multiple health benefits. Flaxseeds are very good source of antioxidants, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and fiber and usually comes in two basic varieties brown and yellow seeds. What all nutrients are present in flaxseeds? Flaxseeds are the source of three

Hot sun, humidity, sweat and grime play havoc with your skin during the warm months. Here’s how you can beat the summer heat. An overdose of UV rays, humidity, and dust during the summer months can have such a negative impact on your skin. It gets sticky, and complexion looks patchy; pores open up, and

Unwanted hair growth is a major issue that many women have to deal with. Often we have to resort to non-permanent hair removal methods on a monthly or a weekly basis. The whole process can be quite a task, and for many an embarrassing situation; especially those who have excessive facial hair. In such a

Our Laser Facials

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Experience a combination of the world’s finest Laser facial done with the medlite C6 and photofacial done with the Laser genesis Cutera Vantage. Combination of these two treatments at defined intervals keeps your skin texture smooth. Not only are they safe but they are also very effective . The two treatments have a synergistic effect