Lactic Acid Peels

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Lactic acid is a mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is derived from sour milk. It is commonly used for light or superficial chemical peels for gentle skin resurfacing. Chemical peels use medical grade acids of specific strengths for requisite effect. Lactic acid has been utilized for smooth, youthful skin since the days of Cleopatra’s

Acne is the commonest skin disorder across the world and affects men and women across all ages and skin types. The process leading to acne involves entrapment of excess keratin and sebum in the hair follicles in skin. This debris may further get infected by skin bacteria, transforming the open and closed comedones (blackheads and

Chemical Peels

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Sun damage, ageing, acne and pigmentation can give skin a patchy, dull appearance. Chemical peels offer a safe and simple solution to all these problems by rejuvenating skin with minimal / no downtime. The ingredients for peels are extracted from natural sources such as milk, sugarcane, papaya and citrus fruits and purified into potent medical

Novel Treatments for Cellulite

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Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment Delhi Cellulite is the dreaded dimpled appearance of skin, usually seen over the thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen which plagues women of all age groups and races. Cellulite ridden skin is often likened to the dimpled skin of an orange, or to the broken appearance of cottage cheese. Tight fibrous bands present

Razor Bumps

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Any area of the body that is shaved frequently can develop Razor Bumps, which is common parlance for an aggravated bumpy appearance often associated with pain, redness and acne like eruptions. This is a persistent irritation and inflammatory response of the skin, which occurs due to the curling up of hair into the skin, instead

The tear troughs or the under eye hollows are a commonly troublesome, yet poorly understood area of the face. The tear trough is the groove or hollow, visible at the junction between the lower eyelid and the cheek. The prominence of these natural hollows under instantly ages the face and gives a haggard appearance, whether

Why do we get scars and stretch marks? Collagen is an important structural protein present in the deeper layers of skin, which keeps skin taut and smooth. Undue stretching of skin, (such as in pregnancy, growth, sudden weight or muscle gain/loss) damages the skin structure and collagen, producing unsightly stretch marks. Tissue injury and inflammation

Sweating is a natural and necessary physiological response, which controls body temperature, regulates fluid and salt levels in the body and unclogs pores. However heavy sweating over the under arm region is a common and embarrassing concern in men and women in all age groups. Excessive sweating over the under arm region is medically known

Anti-aging treatments currently lead the list of procedures being performed at aesthetic clinics across the globe. The spectrum of treatments is rather wide, ranging from the regular use of sunscreens and moisturizers to invasive surgery. Traditionally they have been segregated into surgical and non-surgical options. Facial ageing primarily takes place due to the following reasons

Dark Circles around the Eyes

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Dark circles (medically known as Periorbital Hyper pigmentation) are a common cosmetic concern in men and women of all age groups. Discoloration around the eyes is universally considered unaesthetic as it makes a person appear tired and unwell, instantly ageing them beyond their years. However dark circles are not always a sign of inadequate sleep